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You are in the website of a team that understands and values the fundamental needs of society; A team that fully realizes its call to upgrade the quality of a healthy civilization.
The first such need that Vipinko team appreciates is the need to ensure a hale and hearty society. Yes, this team is in the process of defining happy lifestyles for the global village.

The second and most important need that the team consciously values is the importance of an eco-friendly approach that will sustain natural resources for the generations to come.
Its response to global warming, noise pollution, and water pollution has ensured the implementation of various systems of sorting degradable wastes, recycling, responsible disposal of waste, and the conscious use of water resources. This young team plans 150% effectiveness in campaigning for and contributing to a safer tomorrow.
The Company ::
We are very delighted and full of pride to introduce ourselves; Vipinko Innovations, Techies for new thoughts; a techie-led garment sourcing house.

Vipinko is a pioneer Garment Export House that looks beyond regular success formulae, and relies on Customer Trust, Ontime Delivery, Teamwork, Eco-friendly Initiatives, Systematic Methodology, Outstanding Leadership, Technology Appreciation, and Innovation to script its success.


The three leaves in the logo echo Vipinko’s ideals.

The green leaf stands for the eco-friendly initiatives that Vipinko Innovations undertakes.
The grey leaf symbolizes the outstanding leadership and team management at Vipinko Innovations.
The blue leaf signifies Vipinko’s dedication to upholding commitments.
A Good Start ::
Vipinko Innovations, “Techies for New Thoughts” is the brainchild of Velu. Velu is an ex-IT professional with a career spanning more than a decade. He has varied skills and understanding of product development and servicing. Vipinko Innovations is the realization of his dream to give back to society what he has enjoyed in his 12-year stint in Technology and Management.
After realizing a meteoric rise in his IT career, Velu has decided to explore new heights in the field of garment export. He has envisaged his growth from a managerial role to that of an entrepreneur.
He brings with him the priceless experience of working in diverse cultures through responsibilities that exposed him to work and work cultures in the USA, China, UK, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Sweden, and Japan. He is conversant with the theories and practices of business strategies, organizational behavior, marketing strategy, business tools, and financial management.

In the assortment of businesses that Velu manages, this division stands as a WORLD CLASS garment export house. To keep abreast of technologies and innovations in the Garment Export Industry, he attends fashion technology fairs around the globe.

In addition to his professional career, he visits various educational institutes to deliver guest lectures, and confidence building sessions for young, energetic, and enthusiastic students.
Velu’s strength lies in the portfolio of professionals that support the day-to-day running of the business. He has instilled in the team a strong sense of discipline in the work place. Velu has strong belief in team work. There are numerous success stories of his management formula. In short, he is backed by a dream team whose skills he has personally honed.
His other ventures are in the areas of Education, and IT Services.
The Team ::

The Vipinko team, which comprises industry experts with experience in running small and large scale production houses, has practiced garment manufacturing technology and innovative business models in many successful projects in the past.
This young-at-heart team is well experienced in working in a dynamic, multi-cultural working environment, and wholly understands and appreciates the vitality of global quality standards.
In all of its functions and responsibilities, the management team of Vipinko leads the way, and sets the standard for professional excellence.

The support team is a dynamic team that fully believes in its founder’s principles and beliefs. As a group of young, raring-to-go professionals, this team is consistently trained to approach issues positively. In all of its efforts, this young team systematically strives to be a part of the achievers’ list, and not the survivors’ list.
Vipinko team is already strong in Technology and Innovations, and well skilled in these core areas.
Our Value Statement ::
Techies for New Thoughts
Vipinko’s value statement echoes the principle that this young team of techies believe and practice. This young team of management graduates, IT professionals, and chartered accountants believes in innovating not just designs, but innovating their way of work also. The techies are open to not just innovative ideas, but embrace innovation in all forms. Innovation in the way of new challenges, customer feedback and suggestions, and inputs from technologies are always welcome at Vipinko Innovations.

The Vipinko team’s new thought is to accelerate forward thinking in all its endeavors. It sincerely believes in helping people helping themselves.  It also aims to upgrade society’s quality of living as a meaningful one in this contemporary, technology-dictated world.
The team has already begun small efforts of social activities in the neighboring areas. Its projects focus on Education, and Road Maintenance. Its future projects plan on creating awareness of civic responsibilities of the people living near the plant.

Vipinko desires an eco-friendly factory environment. As part of its efforts to reduce global warming, the team has already installed machinery and devices that implement recycling and rainwater harvesting. Vipinko’s has ensured that the construction of its facilities adhere to international standards and specifications.

Quality ::
Vipinko believes in not just the quality of its products, but in the quality of its people too.
Vipinko is not just a certified manufacturing unit; it is a corporate that believes in steadily adopting and practicing global management principles. It sets very high quality standards not only for product delivery but also for work place, working sapproach, infrastructure, etc.
Using modern technology, and each team player’s help, the team envisions a brand new working style for its employees. Employees work in a challenging yet inspiring environment. Talent pools are quickly identified and upgraded. Employees who convert challenges into opportunities are recognized and rewarded. The management team believes in the forgive than permit rule.
At Vipinko Innovations, systems and processes evolve with every business opportunity and quality expectation. Predefined systems are not blindly followed. Processes may be tailored to satisfy individual customer’s expectation. Delivery cycle time and production costs will be reduced systematically.
Vipinko seeks to establish a reputed name in the international arena and strives to be the customer’s preferred house to work with.
Wherever we are, we want to be at the top.

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