Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all Vipinko’s service offerings:

1. Designing
2. Sampling
3. Product Development
Designing ::

The Vipinko team’s globally-competitive design team conceives new trends and styles to cater to the changing world. Its cutting-edge design software supports contemporary models and designs. Based on customers’ needs, the team provides design solutions before sampling.

Sampling ::
Sampling services are offered right after clients preferences are understood. The Vipinko team is geared to accommodate all and every variation in the customer’s requirement.  On client’s approval and consent, samples are created for customer’s approval.
Product Development ::

Once consensus is reached on the final design, the Vipinko team focuses on the manufacturing and delivery of the product. Vipinko takes complete ownership of the development and delivery of approvals.

Exclusive Services ::

In addition, Vipinko’s unique business offers include:

1. Quality Assurance and Timely Shipment
2. Online status tracking
3. Progressive Communication Systems

Quality Assurance and Timely Shipment ::
Quality assurance is provided at different stages of the business: design, development, production, and shipping.  An advanced lab that meets global quality standards has been set up, and is managed by a professionally qualified team. This team inspects, approves, and tracks the product at all stages.
Online Status Tracking ::

This unique feature enhances the pleasure of doing business with Vipinko. A URL that provides updates on the order details has been developed. Clients can, now, check the order status on a daily basis. Status details include information on product stage, and expected delivery date.

Progressive Communication Systems ::
Since the Vipinko team believes in embracing new technologies, it uses state-of-the-art communication facilities to add to the customer experience. Day-to-day business transactions are done via emails, websites, telephony, IP telephony, and GPS.

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